Choose the right day of the week

Modern people pay less and less attention to folk signs. However, new settlers should take the time to study them. The ancestors paid special attention to the days of the week when the move with takes place. According to experience and observations, the wrong day of the week for moving can bring sadness and grief to a new home.

Interpretation of signs about moving to a new home by day of the week:

Monday is traditionally an unfavorable day for everything new. This also applies to moving. On this day, it is better to refrain from everything that promises drastic changes in fate.
Tuesday is the best day for innovation. If you plan a move on Tuesday, then prosperity and well-being will await the family in the new housing.

Woman Moving Into New Home And Unpacking Boxes

Wednesday is a good day for many things, but it is not suitable for a change of residence. According to folk signs, those who have moved to a new place will not stay there for long.
Thursday is a neutral day with respect to the event in question.
Friday is the worst day for a new one. If the new settlers are unable to delay their departure date, they will have to face a series of setbacks in their new location.
Saturday is a good day for both temporary and permanent moving. On this day, you can safely implement your plans.
Sunday – on this day you can move without fear for the consequences. However, according to legend, Sunday is the best day to relax. Therefore, it is better to take a break to gain strength before a difficult task.

When moving, it is worth focusing on the lunar calendar. According to signs, moving, like other undertakings, will be successful on the growing moon. It is not advised to move during the waning moon.