Transportation of mirrors

Transportation of mirrors will not be a problem if you know the rules for transporting such goods and call The mirror can not only break, but also crack. It may have scratches or chips.

If the mirror is fixed in a closet or on a bedside table, it must first be removed. First of all, the item must be wrapped in bubble wrap, sparing no packaging. It is recommended to secure the edges of the film with adhesive tape so that it does not unroll in transit. The mirror is then placed in a flat wooden box. They fix it inside the container with straps, and on the box itself they indicate that a fragile thing is being carried. If there are several mirrors, they can be stacked in one box on top of each other. Additionally, a layer of wrapping paper is placed between the items.

When moving, small mirrors can be placed in drawers with clothes or other soft items. Just mark on the container that you are transporting a breakable cargo. Otherwise, you will forget and break when you start unpacking.

Large mirrors are also transported in foam. Glasses are packed according to the same principle. Packing sheets are placed on both sides of the mirror and secured with adhesive tape. In this way it is convenient to transport large mirrors. They are installed in the car in a vertical position, having previously secured them to protect them from falling.

Styrofoam takes up additional space, it is more economical to use film or paper. Transporting fragile cargo is not difficult, the main thing is to fulfill all the conditions.