Features of office relocation in different seasons

It is vain to think that all seasons are the same for moving. Well, what can happen to things in a few minutes of loading, for example, with a box of books or a bundle of bed linen? However, it is worth looking at the problem more broadly. There are important nuances of each season that must be considered:

Winter. At this time, it is difficult to transport flowers, mirrors, pets – everything will suffer from the cold, but it is convenient to transport textiles and furniture, as well as assemble furniture.
Spring. Mud and dirt will not let you put a box or cabinet on the ground even for a short time, you will definitely have to cover the working area with cardboard or film.
Summer. In the summer, there will be nothing with drawers and boxes, but it’s harder for people to work – it’s hot, things can slip out of sweaty palms, you want to take your time and stand in the shade.
Autumn. Rains and puddles are bad helpers when transporting things, they can hopelessly ruin a lot of valuable and necessary things.

When choosing the best time for an office move, it is useful to analyze what things are the most, how they will be packed, what difficulties are expected. You can foresee the possible consequences, for example, in the summer to move in the cool morning hours, and in the fall to choose a dry day, pick up packing for the move.