Pros and cons of seasons for an office move

If you do not go into details by months and take into account the geographical scale of the country, it is logical to distinguish two seasons – cold (October – April) and warm (May-September).

What is the best season for transporting things? Each has obvious pros and cons, and you should focus on them in the first place.

Cold season

Those people who prefer moving in winter highlight the following advantages of the season:

Speed. In the cold, loaders reduce the number of smoke breaks and rest, devoting all the time to carrying boxes;
Price. The main competitors – summer residents and builders, have not yet increased the demand for services, it is possible to completely reduce prices;
There is no excitement. There is a high probability of taking the cleanest and most comfortable car without overpaying.

In addition, not everywhere there is a convenient access to the house, so sometimes it’s easier to push a piano or a refrigerator on rolled snow or ice than to drag it on belts or scratch the bottom of the asphalt.

This is where the advantages of winter end and the disadvantages begin:

Cold. Flowers, an aquarium, pets, paintings, household appliances can suffer from a sharp temperature drop;
Lack of comfort. Warm clothes hinder movement, make it difficult to tightly grasp the box;
Danger. One can easily catch a cold by inhaling cold air;
Short daylight hours. It is important to meet the loading / unloading in a few hours, it will be faster to use the service of handymen;

Often before moving people try to put in order a new apartment. Winter is not the best time of the year for cosmetic repairs (painting, wallpapering).

Warm season

Many people choose to change their place of residence in the summer, either in late spring or early autumn.

At this time, it is warm and dry outside, which means that transportation will be:

Practical. Things do not get dirty and do not get wet;
economical. No need to additionally wrap flowers and household appliances, cover with a protective film;
Safe. There is no fear of getting sick, jumping out of the entrance hot and sweaty;
Convenient. You can stand in front of the entrance for as long as you like, enjoying a fine day.

At the same time, in the warm season there are serious disadvantages:

Dirt. Road dust and plant pollen, coupled with rain, can stain things;
Heat. In hot weather, it is not recommended to lift weights, to give an additional load to the heart;

And yet, the warm season is optimal, especially if you choose a good day: a working day, when most of the neighbors are in the office, without the exhausting heat and rain.