Ways to dispose of old things

Prepared bags, containers, boxes should be sorted according to their intended purpose and inscribed exactly where you will send them:

Landfill for the processing of textile products, glass, paper products, plastic. If there is such a landfill in your region, you need to clarify in advance when the removal of unnecessary items will take place and agree on their acceptance. It is there or to a large officially registered landfill that old furniture is taken out.
Reception points. Until now, points for receiving glass containers and paper have been successfully operating in Russia. You can find second-hand stores that accept bundles of sweaters, trousers, jackets, and textiles. Some of them even pay for accepted items. Therefore, do not rush to simply throw out old clothes and thereby litter the environment.
Charity. If unnecessary household items or clothes are in perfect condition, you can take them to a social support center for the population, orphanages, funds to help people in need (for example, victims of fire), or shelters for the homeless.
Books and magazines can also be donated to the library. They are accepted there in perfect condition. If you do not want to replenish the library fund of your city, you can place an ad on social networks and send free books to those who need them. Payment for delivery in this case is carried out at the expense of the receiving party.