Preparing for the removal of unnecessary things

Things called trash should be taken out in a special container. Prepare cardboard boxes, plastic bags, bags or small containers in advance.

Then preparation for the removal of unnecessary things is carried out in the following sequence:

Revision. All things are taken out of the closet, divided into two categories – unnecessary and those that are still useful.

Sort household items by the material from which they are created or by purpose. In each category, those things are selected that can be re-gifted or sold and cannot be restored or used.
Packing things in different containers. You can put clothes, textiles, soft toys in bags. Books and paper, plastic and glass products are placed in boxes. Waste is placed in bags to be disposed of through MSW containers. These are small bottles, souvenirs, expired products. Export of household appliances is carried out without packaging.
If the container is closed, a piece of paper indicating the contents is attached to it from above.